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Where can you go for better service, higher ethics, great negotiation skills, market smarts, or a better team fit than Thomas Mayhew?

​We understand your unique needs and tastes

You have a relationship with your doctor. Shouldn't you have the same kind of rapport with your Realtor? At eXp Realty and, we believe you should, and we do everything we can to foster that kind of deep relationship with our clients. By understanding you, what you love, and who you want to be, we make sure to find you the home you've always dreamed of.

Our extensive history and experience in Tri-Cities has given us deep connections and insider knowledge. We know which exclusive properties go on the market and when. It's an invaluable service for the discerning customer who wants something that suits their needs.

Listening Skills


Thomas Mayhew is acknowledged to be a good listener. Thomas Mayhew is the only way to find out what you want and need in a property.

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Thomas Mayhew

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The most valued player on a real estate team is the one who asks the right questions. The question you didn't know you had or didn't know that you should ask. Making you a home buying genius is part of our plan.

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Special Situations

Do you have a home that you simply must sell or cover the payments on?

We're always looking for new ways to help our clients. Here are a couple ways that Thomas Mayhew can help you:

  • Referral to most competent professional for your situation - even a tough one!
  • Getting your home professionally marketed, staged, and sold quickly.
  • With Thomas Mayhew and, you've got options.
  • Contact us for our "Buy Your Home Today!" option.

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