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Choosing a custom home builder shouldn’t be that hard, right?  Well, the truth is that it requires a great deal of thought and consideration.  You've got questions, right?  Will the builder keep you informed? Will he keep on schedule?  Will he be responsive?  What if you change your mind about something – will there be time to make the change and what will the ramifications be?  These may be a few of the questions you may have about building your own home.  Fortunately, there are good answers.  To answer these questions and others, we’ve prepared a short video for you (located on the right).
Hopefully, you now understand that we do know how important these questions and others are to you.  So much so, that we’ve invested in making your home building dream as enjoyable as eating pie. Our bread is buttered with your happiness.  What can stop you now?  Your peace of mind and your dream home await you - from Ambience Homes.

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