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What differentiates Thomas Mayhew from 650 Realtors in Tri-Cities?

  1.  Full Time vs. Part Time. 90% of Realtors in Tri-Cities are part-timers. Even among some that appear to be full-time, they are working full-time jobs. Thomas Mayhew is beyond full-time in Real Estate with working systems designed to make your life easier and the outcome (selling your home) predictable.
  2.  Communication Guarantee. I actually communicate with you weekly, at a minimum. If I don't, I pay you $100. This is the single biggest complaint about Realtors - that they don't communicate.
  3.  Performance Guarantee.
  4.  Risk Free Offer.
  5.  Smart Seller Program. Flexible Commissions. You don't get something for nothing. If you care deeply about service, but want options, this will be important to you.
  6.  Effective Marketing plan. Beyond the famous and effective 30-Point marketing plan.
  7.  Certified Pre-Owned Program.

We are experts in the local market and will guide you through the entire process of selling your property from listing to sale and after sale support. Our marketing plans assure your property maximum exposure and we pride ourselves on personal service. We encourage you to contact our office with your questions and to discuss your individual needs.

Your next step - contact Thomas Mayhew at (509)-302-7145 (or click here) to set up an appointment. Make it happen, relieve your stress, make a good decision, make it now!